vernissage vendredi 7 octobre 18h-22h 08 Octobre - 19 Novembre 2022

Lichen de Yuichiro Noda - cette exposition est réalisée en collaboration avec @Vague_tys et Teruhiro Yanagihara studio . Arles - Kobé

11 Octobre à 20h: Dîner avec le Chef Mila Gataric  https://restaurantlux.nl/  

Yuichiro Noda's Lichen project is a series of photographs that was initiated with the invitation of Teruhiro Yanagihara's studio in Kobe. Yuichiro developed series of photographs inspired by Japanese wild life and forest in the Awaji island in an attempt to visualize the scents and smells that cannot be seen by the eye. He continues this work  through new explorations of other sites and places that he travels through. We are pleased to present this new body of work in Marseille for the first time.

Texte d'exposition

Photographies de Yuichiro Noda  The Lichen project. une série realisée en partenariat avec Vague - Teruhiro Yanagihara studio - Arles